Saturday, December 15

I love my job

I know most people can not say that but it is true. I love my job. I am at work now. I know Sat morning and I have to work. But I have my son with me, right now he is in the lab with the embryologist looking at embryos that are going to be transferred into a surrogate tomorrow morning. In a few minutes an egg donor will be here to aspirate eggs that will be fertilized and transferred into an intended parent next Thursday. What a lucky person to get to work somewhere that miracles take place. My son is not only learning about science but he is learning important life lessons like generosity, love, and above all else selflessness and hope. I can not imagine working anywhere else I love this place!

Friday, December 14

Wow it has been a long time

Okay so I know that noone is going to read this because my blog has not been updated in over a year but I am back and ready to post. I have been really busy in the past 12 months. I finished my first semester of nursing school with a B mind you. I opened my new office in June and love it. I am very busy but have missed blogging so much that I am going to try and add it back in. Can't wait to start catching up with everyone.