Monday, October 31

Pervert Update

When I was picking my girls up from school today the pervert walked by. He stops behind me and says hi ladies and gives his big slimy grin. I say nothing I cross my arms over my body and just stare at him like he has "I am a jackass" written across his forehead. He says seems a little cool out today and walks away. I think that Janie was right with her body language idea! I think I am going to have to try and be the ice bitch to him from now on. It was nice to get the point across without words because the more that I think about it the madder I get. I want to go pull his kids cards and call his poor wife!

Happy Halloween

Sunday, October 30

Check out my new renter~~~~~~>

First I would like to thank everyone who checked ot my renter last week. Yesterday I took out a new add and got several offers, again I am sorry to all those who did not get chosen I just like to be fair and take the first person who offers. So this week Angie from over at Ficken Chingers is my renter. If Angie is not one of your regular reads go click on her little thumbnail and then blogroll her. Hey for that matter if she is one of your regular reads do it anyways and let her know that Beanhead sent you. Oh and while your there check out the Blu Blocker Dr. Geek photo that Shane was so nice to get for Angie.

Friday, October 28

You gotta be kidding me

Yesterday morning I went to Wal-Mart just to look around and see if they had anything that I may want to buy for Christmas. I made a stop in the Cabbage Patch department to look for a friend. As I am bent down looking at the dolls I hear a familiar voice say so this is where you spend all your time when you are not at the school. I look up and it is one of the dads from my kids school. I say hello and explain that I am Christmas looking. He then proceeds to tell me that I look different today...
Me: Different How?
Him: you are glowing
Me to self: if this guys asks if I am preggers I will slap him into the sporting goods department.
Him: I am not sure what it is but you look great
Me: well thank you
Him: Oh I know you must have gotten laid last night!!
Me: double head jerk and a very polite no but my husband wishes he had.
Now is it just me or was that conversation just wrong. The only way this man knows me is through our kids school and the fact that I was the PTA president for 2 years. I have to see this person several times a week as we pick our kids up from school, and I am not looking forward to it.

Thursday, October 27

The countdown begins

My sister and I went to the mall today to see if I could find bowls to match my new plates that my awesome mother in law bought me. No luck..:(
I have been wanting a three stone diamond ring for awhile now so we go look at a couple stores. The thing that caught my eye at the first store was not the rings but the crappy little sign on the wall telling me that there are only 59 days until Christmas!! You gotta be kidding me 59 days and I have 1 gift bought. Oh my where did the time go?!?!? Consider yourselves warned before you know it there will only be 58 days left.

Speaking of count downs my renter Melanie will only be with us one more day so go over and click on her little thumbnail and take a look at her site. Lets make her rental a huge success.

Wednesday, October 26

What type are you?

I had anatomy lab tonight and we did 2 labs. The first one was differential counts, oh that was great fun. I an not so good with the microscope. The second lab was more my speed, we had to do blood typing. So I get all my supplies and stick my finger and mix my blood with the antigen and read my results. The test says I am o- which would be all well and good if I didn't already know that I am o+. So now I have to do extra work to find out why my test was wrong. If anyone has any ideas I am open to suggestions.

Monday, October 24

No Hurricane, No school, No problem

So we woke up at 6:30 with no power and the thought oh my god it changed tracks and we are getting a direct hit went though my sleepy head. It lasted all of two minutes and the power came back on. I jump on my computer to find that it hit way south of here at 6:30 this morning. I hope that it did not do a lot of damage. I will be so happy when hurricane season is over. The nice thing is the hurricane brought in a cold front a day early. It is nice to walk out and it be cooler outside. Now if it gets much cooler I won't be so happy.

The schools here are closed as a precaution. My kids are all out side enjoying the cool weather. They will have to make up this day sometimes during the rest of the school year. I don't have class tonight either. A much needed break!!

Hey don't forget to go over and visit my renter Melanie. Just look over in the sidebar and click on her site.

Saturday, October 22

Rent my blog and Wilma

I have finally done it I rented my blog! I was worried that noone would want to rent my space but I put up the offer and went to get the kiddos donuts and when I came home I had 4 offers. I chose the person who made the first offer and that was Melanie over at Plaid Toaster. If you look over in the sidebar you will see a link to her site. Go over and say hi. Her site is great!!

I guess when you accept an offer to rent your blog it denies all the others. I apologize to anyone who was denied.

I think we are safe from Wilma. It seems like she may be a very mild cat 1 when she hit Florida way south of us. I would like to thank everyone who offered support and a very special thanks to Russ and Andrea. It still amazes me that people you meet online can be better friends than those you have known all your life!

Friday, October 21


We have hurricane supplies and a tank full of gas. We have decided that if it is heading our direction and is stronger than a cat 3 we are leaving. As I am typing we are getting our first rain. I don't want to leave my home but I will if it is going to be dangerous. We have not really seen any strong storms in this area but we have seen tons of flooding with every storm. About a mile from our house people lost everything to flooding last year. I am staying positive and thinking we are not going to get a diret hit. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I will try and keep you all updated as the weekend progresses.

Tuesday, October 18


I took the kids to the movie store to rent movies on Friday. They each got a movie and I picked up Napolean Dynamite for me. This movie and I have some history. I have rented it 4 times and have yet to see it. The first time the disc was broken, second time I had no time to watch it, third time hubby and I sit down to watch it and the disc plays through the begining credits and will not play anymore, fourth time I again had no time to watch it. So tell me should I try again or just let it be one of those things when people talk about it I just don't get it?

Monday, October 17

There goes the neighborhood

Okay so I know I mentioned in a previous post that my mom moved in across the street. Well I have had enough and it has only been a week. Is that wrong of me? Should I want to pack up my house and move? I guess some history is in order here. My mom is a bit of a flake and has not exactly been the best mother in the world to me. Now that she lives across the street from me she thinks that it is okay to just pop in anytime she wants and give me some much unwanted parenting advice.

Oh well on to bigger and better things. I have been hanging out at blog explosion playing battle of the blogs. I have been having a blast. You should drop over there and try it.

Saturday, October 15


by Russ over at a day in the life. I commented over at his blog that this was a cool meme and he comes here and tags me in my comments. Wait is that a legal tag?!?!

Anyway it's 3 THINGS all about me. Here goes..
Three names I go by:
1. beanhead
2. Mom
3. Honey
Three screen names I have had:
1. Heyyou0415
2. myangel092399
3. beanhead
Three physical things I like about myself:
1. eyes
2. butt
3. hair
Three physical things I don't like about myself:
1. feet
2. nose
3. ?
Three parts of my heritage:
1. Irish
2. Indian
3. German
Three things that scare me:
1. men in speedos
2. big women in spandex
3. losing my kids
Three of my everyday essentials:
1. toothpaste
2. coffee
3. cell phone
Three of my favorite musical artists:
1. Toby Keith
2. Guns N Roses ( only the old stuff)
3. Brooks and Dunn
Three of my favorite songs:
1. American Soldier
2. Knockin on heaven's Door
3. My Maria
Three things I want in a relationship:
1. Honesty
2. Respect
3. Passion
Three lies and truths in no particular order:
1. I love beer
2. I eat seafood
3. I love my job
1. I love my kids
2. I have been detained by law enforcement more than once..;)
3. I volunteer over 500 hours per year at my kids school.
Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeals to me:
1. eyes
2. nice body
3. must smell good
Three of my favorite hobbies:
1. reading
2. bloggong
3. sewing
Three things I want to do really badly now:
1. bungee jump
2. graduate
3. raise good kids
Three careers I'm considering/I've considered:
1. Ultrasound Tech
2. Nurse
3. Radiographer
Three places I want to go on vacation:
1. Ireland
2. Jamaica
3. Thailand
Three kid's names I like:
1. Karis
2. Sinclair
3. Jasper
Three things I want to do before I die:
1. See my kids make it
2. Bungee Jump
3. Skydive
Three ways that I am stereotypically a boy:
1. I mow the lawn
2. I love to BBQ
3. I cuss alot
Three ways that I am stereotypically a girl
1. I like to dress up and be pretty
2. I like pink
3. I like being a mom
Three celeb crushes
1. David James Elliot
2. Clive Owen
Three people that I would like to see post this meme:
1. Indigo
2. Better Safe
3. Mitey Mite

Have a great Sunday!

It was hard to pick only 3 I would love to see everyone do it. what a great way to get to know someone.

Time Flies

Let me tell you time sure does fly. 18 years ago I was a 13 year old girl whose sister was in labor with her first baby. My niece was born happy and healthy. She was my world. I worshipped the ground that child walked on. I was excited to teach her things and to watch her grow. I would pick her up on Friday on my way home from school and drop her off on my way to school on Monday. My sister has not been the best mother and I have had to pick up the slack for her. My niece is like my first born. She has been dealt some unfair hands and she still makes the right choices. I am very proud of who she has become she is a good person with goals and a plan.

We are having a cookout and family get together tonight for her bday. So you are all more than welcome to join in on the party. Pull up a chair and get ready to hear the best stories ever!

Thursday, October 13

A Great Big Thank You

I have been working on getting my name on my fairy picture for a few days now and was not having a lot of luck. So tonight I open my mail and my friend Puremood was just bored and playing around tonight and this is what she came up with. I love it! So I owe her a great big thank you!

Wednesday, October 12

Another Sad Day


Parrish woman killed in crash on I-75

MANATEE COUNTY -- A 25-year-old Parrish woman was killed in a four-vehicle crash Tuesday morning on Interstate 75, north of Palmetto, the Florida Highway Patrol reported.

The victim, Angela J. Justiniano, who had lived in Parrish for about three years, was driving north on Interstate 75 about 6:15 a.m. when her Pontiac was struck from behind by a Ford truck, authorities said.

Justiniano, whose parents live near Jacksonville, aspired to be a librarian. She was driving to work at a library in Tampa, her father said.

The driver of the truck, Bradenton resident Jorge L. Ruano, 42, saw that Justiniano's car was traveling slower than the truck. Ruano's truck swerved to the left, troopers said, but it still struck Justiniano's car, which spun out of control.

Her car struck another car and then was hit by a fourth vehicle. Charges are pending against Ruano, authorities said in a report.

Angela was an intern at my childrens school, she was training to become a librian. Both of my girls had formed fast friendships with her in the short time she was with us this year. She was a wonderful person with a heart of gold and a smile that could melt a wall of ice. I now have the difficult task of helping my children through the grief of losing another person this year. I am praying for strength and the right words to give them.

Tuesday, October 11

And the search is on

Okay so I was visiting over at guppyman's today and he had some of the searches that people have used to come up with his blog, so I thought that is fun let's see what we come up with. So here goes...

1.what would a redneck eat for dessert?
2."spank my kids" blog
3.redneck table manners
4."i am less than 5 feet tall"
5.can a dishwasher do laundry
6.redneck houses laundry basket
8.redneck table manners
9.bean bag game specs
10."marriah carrey"

I have checked and I have never ever mentioned Mariah Carey on my blog. I don't even like her. Nothing to exciting but some are kinda funny. What about you what do people search for that brings them to your neck of the woods?

Sunday, October 9

What a weekend

Wow we have had a busy weekend. On Friday we had the Fall Festival at the kids school which was a blast. I would love to share pictures but my friends mom took them and then her daughter pulled the film out of the camera. I know she still uses film you are all shocked! Anyway the festival was great and it better be after all the hard work we put into it. It was supposed to rain really bad but the rain held out until the last hour and then it was a few drops here and there.
Saturday I had school math to be exact. I had a test on logic and let me tell you logic is not logical. I am not so sure that I did well but I did do my best and that is all I can do.
Today is moving day for my mom and niece they are moving in across the street from us so I have been helping her paint and then this afternoon will help unload the moving truck. That should be tons of fun. I sure hope that everyone is having a fabulous weekend!
And lastly I made a few changes to my blog. What do you all think? I am new at all of this so if you have any suggestions please feel free to leave them. I am but a work in progress.

Friday, October 7

I'm In

I have joined the Housewife Mafia. I just started using BE and noticed some very nasty blogs about moms and the so called housewife mafia. I just skipped past those blogs until I got to one that was beyond repulsive. This man was downright disgusting. He was apparently mad because his blog got beat in BOTB. Okay so you got beat get over it and move on. I have been beat plenty do you see me posting that maybe we should roast up other bloggers and eat them. Nope because I am a mature level headed adult. So I have joined the housewife mafia to show my support and respect for every woman out their that is a mom. I just hope mean blog man does not treat his mom like he does the other moms out there.

Wednesday, October 5

Out With The Trash

Okay so I was finishing up at work today and decided to take out the big bags of trash. I walk out to the trash shoot room and toss teh trash down the shoot. Turn areound to open the door and oh my god the door will not open. I take a step back and think this is not happening. Try the door again....nope nothing. I start to panic I am not so good in small spaces. Worst part is I forgot my cell phone at home today and have no way to call 911 to get out of the little room of death. So I do the next best thing I start hittign the door trying to draw attention to myself. No luck plus I hurt my hand. So here I am locked in the trash shoot room in a complete panic. I am thinking to myself I am getting out of here one way or the other. I spend the next 5 minutes kicking the holy crap out of the door until finally I kicked something just right and the door came open. Good thing to cause I was about to throw myself down the shoot and land where I landed!

So how was your day?

Monday, October 3

Rock Climbing Kids

We took the kids to the zoo recently and they got the chance to do some rock climbing. They had a blast. I just wish that it could support adult weights.

Saturday, October 1

Hard Work Pays Off

So all my hard work has finally paid off... Drum roll please I have been invited to join Phi Theta Kappa!! I am so proud of myself. I usually am not one to toot my own horn but damnit I worked hard to make good grades and repair the damage I did when I was younger. So I go to the first meeting on the 10th which kinda sucks because I have class that night and really need to have some more practice with my cat dissection. Oh well I will have to work out all the details. So now if you will join me in my happy dance please.