Tuesday, January 31

1:27 a.m.

So it is 1:27 am and I am still awake! This is not a good thing. I think I posted about my insomnia before. I never know when it is going ot strike and for how long it is going ot be here. I can tell you this I hate this feeling. I am dog ass tired yet my eyes will not close. Sucks for me. OOHH I can even here the hint of sarcasm in my own typing....;)

So it looks like Tuesday is not going to be as great as the weekend or Monday. That's okay gotta take the good with the bad. Hope you all had a lovely night's sleep last night and that I have at some point before the alarm goes off fallen asleep myself.

Monday, January 30

Had a Blast

We had a blast this weekend. On saturday we went to the parade and my kids got more beads than any other year! Good times! Yesterday we drove up to a friends house in Lake Wales and road the 4 wheeler all day and then cooked out. The kids had so much fun and I think I even saw my hubby smile a time or two...;)

Have a great Monday everyone!

Saturday, January 28

Endless Cliffhanger #1

Okay I got this idea from Mama B. This is what you do.

I will start off the story
The first person who comments adds on
The second person who comments adds on to the first
The third person who comments adds on to the second
And so on, and so on
You can add to the story as many times as you wish
The story will go on throughout the weekend
Oh, and spread the word so we can get a great story going!

Have fun with this. I will keep it up over the weekend. I know that you all are creative so lets see it.

Jennifer was so nervous as she and Chris waited at the restaurant to tell her parents that...

Friday, January 27

looking forward to the weekend

I am looking forward to this weekend. The kiddos and I are going to the annual Gasparilla parade this weekend. They have decided that this year there will be no beer sales and are only going to allow mixed drinks.... Okay am I the only one thinking WTF??? No beer so lets give them something stronger. Who knows what the Tampa city council was thinking when they came up with that one. I do know that we have been going to the same spot for the past couple years and this year we may try something different. Not sure yet what we are doing. Here is a the official site for the YMKG. Go take a look and let me know what you think. Have a great day I am off to work.

Tuesday, January 24

I got nothing

I have been sitting here for 5 solid minutes and I have nothing to write about. I had the most routine day today. I worked and had dinner and watched American Idol with the kiddos.

Gotta say AI was pretty funny. I about fell out of the chair at a couple of those people. I mean come on really you can not tell me that they actually think they are good?!?!!?!!? Gotta say I love the the Pickler girl she tugged on my heart strings. Hope she makes it in the next round. Okay that's all folks I am going to bed....G'nite

Monday, January 23

New Addition to the bean house

I finally did it!! I made the choice and bought a digital camera. I have been looking at this one for a few months now even before it was in stores. So last night I went on Circuit City's web site and ordered my new camera. I picked it up this afternoon. I had school tonight so I have not had a chance to take any pics but I will as soon as I have a free secong. For now here are a few pics of the camera...

Sunday, January 22

Girls Gone Wild Mouse Style

Good Sunday morning everyone. Just a quick thank you for all the great comments on yesterdays post. I surely hope that one day my state will do the right thing.

Now for some humor to make you smile on Sunday morning. I am not sure how these two got into the Disney park but as of now they are banned for life...

Saturday, January 21

Do They Deserve it?

If you are a regular reader of my blog you know that in 1999 I lost my son Jakob to what they think was an umbilical cord accident. MY son was born still on September 23, 1999 at 41 weeks gestation. He was perfect just not breathing. My husband and I grieved and prayed for relief from our pain. Just as we were settling into what had become our new idea of life we get a package in the mail. I open the envelope and much to my surprise is my son's death certificate. Now the reason this is a surprise is because I asked about a birth certificate and was told you don't get one!! According to the law my son was never alive. Well in my world never alive meant he could never die, but guess what he did and now I have the official paper with the seal of the state of Florida on it to prove it. I struggled with this nonsense for a long time until I heard about a small but determined group of parents that were getting what was owed to them and their babies "dignity". This group has grown a lot in the past six years and has accomplished many great things in many states but they are still working on getting birth certificates issued for past and future births resulting in still birth in many states. The reason I am typing this post is to hopefully inform more people and in turn those people will visit the missing angels web site and get proactive. If not for me may for the 26,000 thousand families that will receive a death certificate this year for a baby that was in the laws eyes never even born. I did not type this post for pity or for sorrow. So please go over and visit the site and see if there is anything you can do to help out where you live.

Wednesday, January 18

Looking For a Good Read

I am looking for something to read. Do you all have any suggestion? What are you reading? What is it about? I still have to finish the Stephanie Plum series that my friend Indigo got me addicted to. So go ahead tell me what to get when I go to the library later on this week.

Tuesday, January 17

tagged again

I have been tagged. This is a good one so enjoy! Don't forget to go over and see Mama M.

Q)What were you doing 10 years ago?

A)I was getting ready to have my first baby.

Q)What were you doing 1 year ago?

A) Going to school and work. Praying that I could maintain good grades and make money.

Five snacks you enjoy:
1. ice cream
2. chips
3. fluffanutters
4. reeces peanutbutter cups
5. fried ice cream

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:
1. Welcome to the jungle
2. something to be proud of
3. Angry American
4. Skin
5. Can't we Try

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1. Buy a house
2. College for my kids
3. help out my family
4. Donate to charity
5. spend less time working

Five bad habits:
1 cussing
2. yelling
3. losing my temper
4. taking on to many projects at once
5. not being able to say no

Five things you like doing:
1. reading
2. sewing
3. spending time with my kids
4. day dreaming
5. going to school

Five things you would never wear, buy or get new again:
1. leg warmers
2. socks with toes
3. parachute pants
4. fanny pack
5. jelly shoes

Five favorite toys:
1. my laptop
2. my kids magna doodle
3. kid nex with my son
4. instuments with all the kids

So this is the plan: Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot
The Diaper Pail
the state of indiana
watching me grow
from maternity to madness
Beanhead Babbles

So now I am supposed to tag people so I am going to tag...
1. Cathy
2. Russ
3. Stormi
and anyone else that wants to do it. Have a great Tuesday!!

Sunday, January 15

My phone is wired

This morning I was trying to multi-task which I usually do well. I was doing homework, moving my cell phone, and having a cup of coffee. Well I decided that my phone would be okay on the printer and the coffee next to the printer. As soon as I sat the phone down it slid off the printer right into my coffee cup. So I pull it out, grab a towel and pull the phone apart as fast as I can. I let it dry out most of the day. When I just put it back together and turned it on it started blinking al kinds of colors and then it died. I wonder if I can get the phone company to replace my phone if I tell them it overdosed on coffee...;)

Saturday, January 14

The Power of Pink

I am at another of my residential customers houses a few weeks ago. They have a new house in a new developement that is still under construction. I open the front door put my stuff down and think to myself wow that building going on next door is loud. So I go to clean the master bath area. The blow dryer is on the counter so I wrap the cord and bend over to open the drawer the blow dryer goes in and realize that the loud sounds are not coming from the construction but from the drawer. I think to myself must have been in a hurry and didn't get the electric razor shut off. I pull open the drawer and MUCH to my surprise there sat a bright pink vibrator going off in all it's glory. I just shut the drawer and walked away.

I have another customer who has a picture cube on it but all the pictures are penises. You would be amazed at the things people have in their houses and even more surprised at what they leave out for their housekeeper to find.

*Added* Don't forget to check out my renter Chatty. She is only here for another 12 hours. If you have not checked out her blog you are missing out on a great read. Go over there and click on her icon in my sidebar.

Friday, January 13

Naked as A Jaybird

So I am not sure if I have ever told you all what I do for work or not..
My mom and I own a commercial and residential cleaning service. I handle more of the commercial, but i have a couple regular residential customers. So on Wednesday I go to a customers house to clean. Usually this person is home and I just pull the bedroom door shut until he gets up and leaves for work. So I proceed to pull the door shut and said person is in bed butt naked and of course he is covered up from the waist up. I almost fell over dead. Here is my customer naked as a jaybird with his johnson sticking straight up in the air. Needless to say I just turned around and headed to a different part of the house until the alarm went off.

Oh and if you think this one is funny wait until my next post...

A Little Friday Humor

Not that it would make a difference around here. My kids are already wired and the dog owns the place.

Thursday, January 12

Feeling Better

Thanks to everyone that posted about my headache yesterday. Not sure what caused it but it is finally becoming a memory tonight.

I was going to go to a signing supper at a local mall tonight but I figured that with my head hurting so bad yesterday that I better take it easy today. So instead I stayed home and cleaned my entire house top to bottom. SO much for taking it easy. Oh well at least I get to start the weekend off in a clean house. Oh well going to go watch a James Bond movie with hubby.

Wednesday, January 11


I have been nursing a serious headache all day. I have taken 800mg of motrin, a goody powder, and 2 excedrin and my head is still pounding. I sure hope it goes away soon.

I started school on Monday. I love my sign language class. We have had 2 classes so far and have learned about 500 signs. She has been teaching for 30 years and she loves what she does so it is a fun class.

I have a meme to post and I am sure things that I should be saying but my head is killing me and my brain is not functioning right at the moment so I will post something more interesting as soon as this headache goes away.

Tuesday, January 10

Happy Birthday to...

My friend Guppyman. Today is his blog birthday. He loves blogging so much he has turned it into a family affair. His wife and mom both blog now. Make sure you go over and wish guppy a happy blog birthday because all he asked for for his birthday was the most comments he has ever gotten on one post. So go ahead click on his name and go give him some comment love.

Sunday, January 8

New renter!!

Okay I now have a new renter. This week I will host Chatty. I love her site because she has the attitude I wish I had the nerve to dish out some days. If you are faint of heart and don't like to read swear words then I suggest you not click her little image in the sidebar. Now if you enjoy reading a post by a woman who is not afraid to tell it like it is then go over and click. Go on you know you want to.

This Is Amazing

I did not start clicking everyday until June. I wanted to post this in hopes that it will inspire someone else to click everyday. If you want to start clicking today just go down to the breast cancer button in my side bar and click it. You never know you may just save someones life.

Saturday, January 7

Weekend Stuff

Okay so now I am done with my 100 things I can get back to regular posting. I have a lot going on right now. Yesterday was Hubby's birthday. We went out to dinner. Today he is going to play paintball with the boys.

I wanted to point out that my renter is still here even if you can not see her blog picture over there in the sidebar. Please go over and give Puremood some love. Just click on that little white box over there ~~~~~~~>

I need to go over and buy my books for school but i don't feel like it. I start classes on Monday. I am taking a sign language class this semester. Sounds like fun. We will see.

Okay gotta go break up a kid fight...

10 things that I say a lot

1. Oiy Vie (not even sure that is spelled right but I say it all the time)

2. I'm tired ( sometimes I am not even tired and I say it)

3. Leave me alone (usually to my kids calling me on my cell phone while I am at work)

4. You gotta be kidding me.

5. Go clean your room( my kids usually can finish it once I say go)

6. No honey I don't have any money.

7. Stupid people shouldn't breed ( Usually I say this one to myself)

8. Stay in your own lane and have your own accident.

9. Oh I can so blog about this.

10. I love you ( I say it to my kids all the time. I say it so much that they roll their eyes at me now when I do it at school in front of their friends. Oh well they will get over it!)

Thursday, January 5

10 movies

that my remote can never click past when I am channel surfing on a Sunday afternoon.

1. Pretty Woman
2. 16 Candles
3. Pretty in Pink
4. Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion
5. Dirty Dancing
6. Back to The Future
7. Stand By Me
8. Fried Green Tomatos
9. The Breakfast Club
10. Sister Act

There are movies that come to mind that I don't think that they put on TV alot so I did not include them. But my favorite that they never show on tv is E.T.

Monday, January 2

10 Songs I Love to Hear...

This is by no means my list of only songs just the first ten that popped into my head.

1. Skin by Rascal Flatt
2. Welcome to the Jungle Guns ~N~ Roses
3. Something to Be Proud Of
4. Courtesty of the red white and blue by Toby Keith
5. Shook Me All Night Long AC/DC
6. Go Rest High On That Mountain Vince Gil
7. Rapper's Delight Sugar Hill Gang
8. Going Home Kenny G
9. She's in Love With a Boy Trisha Yearwood
10. Wild Frontier Faith Hill

So what songs do you wait until the end of the song to turn the car off even if you are sitting in your driveway and the people who love you are staring out the window wondering what is wrong with you.

Sunday, January 1

Welcome my New Renter

Okay everyone I am taking a short 10x10 break to introduce my new renter Puremood. She blogs about pretty much whatever is on her mind. If you are looking for great blogs to expand your blogroll this is the one. Go on over there and click that little blue image of her page. Check her out send her some comment love and then blogroll her because well because I think it's a good idea!