Wednesday, March 29

I'm Back I think

I am back on the net. I just went and bought a new computer. I am still fighting with the warranty company about the old one. they are supposed to be replacing it but that may take awhile. I have been checking out as many of my regular reads as often as I can but it is hard to post from work.

Life has been crazy. My youngest broke my oldest's thumb over the last week. We spent one night in the ER to find out that she has a fracture of her growth plate in her thumb. She will have to follow up with an ortho and all that jazz.

My job is going well. I am learning tons of stuff and should be leaps and bounds ahead of others that do not get the exposure that I do.

Diet is going very well I have lost 32 pounds and 3 pants sizes! I feel great my bp is normal and I still need to do my blood sugar testing.

Okay I am stopping now and will post again soon.

Sunday, March 19

OH Motherboard

Well I spoke with te people at the computer repair palce in Texas and they say that the motherboard on my 17 month old laptop has gone out. I am so thankful that I got that extended warranty!! So while I was talking with them I asked how much longer are you going to have the puter and her response was call me back on Monday because your part is on back order and it may be anywhere between 2-6 weeks before it comes in. I can not and will not live without a computer for that long so I dug out the old trusty 1999 gateway desktop and did some minor repairs while having an insomnia attack and here I am back on the net and back to my dear blog friends. I have missed you all like crazy and can not wait to catch up with everyone.

I am loving my new job. It is long hours but the perks are great. I actually got to ultrasound one of the girls at work the other day. I was in with her for her scan with the nurse and she was like here you want to try. I was like heck yeah I want to try. I was able to get a really good shot of teh baby's spine and we were able to see that it has no spinal defects or neural tube defects. So I know I made the right decision taking the job.

My diet is going great I am down 27 pounds in 7 weeks. I feel great! I was actually able to get into jeans the same size I wore before I had the last baby. I am more than halfway to my goal and can't wait to see the end result. I am having to repeat some of my labs. I had a very high non fasting glucose of 150 at my first visit. Then last week we did a fasting and it was 81 so that is in the high normal range. This week he will be doing an HBA1C test to check the glucose range of my blood for the past 12 weeks. I find it amazing that in one blood draw they can measure levels over the last 12 weeks. I will keep you all posted. I am keeping my hopes up that itis not diabetes but if it is we will cross tha bridge when we come to it.

Okay I know this is long windwinded but i have not posted in 9 whole days.

Friday, March 10

Computer crashed

Just a wquick post to let everyone know I am okay but my computer crashed. I sent it to the repair place today so hopefully i will have it back next week. I miss you all!!!

Saturday, March 4

Think before you go


YOU'VE BEEN DRINKING....... (not that you would...)


You open the door....



Thursday, March 2

Have you ever???

Looked in on someone else's life and thought that you wish your life was like that. Then you get to know the person or you get a good look at what it is really like to be that person and what you see scares the hell out of you. I have had this happen to me twice this week and I am greatful to be me. Just thought I would share. Hope you are all having a great week!