Saturday, August 27

The Birthday Party Is Over

My girls birthday party is officially over. Thank God! I had 11 kids in my tiny little house for over 4 hours. I think they had a blast and that is all that matters to me. It was a little trying getting it all done and going to school today but I did it. We had a scrapbooking party. I hope that the kids really enjoyed it as much as they seemed to. Anyways I am off to relax and watch some TV before bed. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 24

My Trip to St. Louis

I am going to do this in time frames because it is easier. So here

4:00 pm Saturday leave for Tampa airport
5:00 pm drinking frozen marguarita in airport chili's
6:00 pm board plane
7:00 pm finally get to take off seat belt on plane and go to bathroom(good thing to cause my bladder was feeling the 5:00 pm stop)
7:40 St Louis time 8:40 Tampa time plane lands
9:00 pm get dinner..Got to eat at Chevvy's a resturant we don't have in Tampa. Pretty good food.
12:00 am go to bed, friends nephew(5yo) whom I just met at 8 slept
with me in twin size bed
6:00 am wake up
7:30 am get ready to leave friend's mom walks into house oh holy
shit I just locked the keys to the car in the trunk!!!
8:00 friend's BIL gets keys out of the truck by prying the back seat
off with a crow bar( all the while friend's mom is snapping pics on
her camera)
9:00 am armed with coffee, pepsi, and mountian dew we are on the road
10:00 amish friend's mom says we need to find a bethroom, like 2
seconds later she says I mean now. Before friend could even pull
over her mom had her pants off and was going pee in a coffee cup,
she filled 2 cups and had some spillage hence the next stop at
walmart for clean shorts a towel and some frebreeze.
12:00 pm stop in Metropolis IL at the KFC buffet, let me tell you
this is a scary place...;) we are sitting there friend says a kid
must have sat here before me the seat is sticky. I get up to get a
biscuit and they start laughing at me. I have varnish from mu a$$ to my ankles. I try to wash it off and nothing is gonna take the crap off. So the manager takes our names and #'s to give to corporate. So we load back up in the car varnish and all.
2:00 pm we stop in Kentucky to go potty at this place that sold $45
candles but had a sign on the bathroom door that said please leave
door open due to low ventilation( no lie I got a picture)
about an hour later we stopped at another store in Kentucky to go
potty and get a snack and friend was trying to go potty and some
lady was staring at her thru the really large cracks in the bathroom stall, the only way she could get the lady to stop so she could pee was to flash her legs wide open. I know I almost pissed my pants when she told me this. We stopped at cracker barrel in GA for dinner and rented a book on tape Let's Roll the Todd Beamer story from flight 93. Awesome book, I reccommend it to everyone.
We hit a hotel at about 2 am and were back on the road at 8. We made it back to Tampa at 1:30 in just enough time to pick our kids up from school. So much more happend but this is the best stuff. Can't wait till December for the trip to take her home!!

BTW I am guest posting over at Indigo's place a couple days this week. Stop by and see me.

Friday, August 19

Recommend a blog

Okay I have been blogging for a couple months now and really enjoy it. I have a blogroll and people that I visit everyday some more than once. Most of these people I have learned about from Michele's meet and greet. I go there visit and then spend the next few hours bouncing from site to site. This weekend I am hoping that maybe I can ask anyone who comments on my blog to please include a link to another blog that is not in my blogroll. I will be out of town part of the weekend but when I get back I will visit you and I will visit the other site you suggest. I can't think of a better way to learn what is out there than to ask all of you.

ADDED* I am leaving now for my trip to St.Louis. I have visited some of the suggested blogs and have found a couple I will add to my blogroll. Thanks for all the suggestions. Keep them coming.

Thursday, August 18

I Have Met My Match

My four year old son is hell on wheels. He has taken to the habit of not listening to me, making weird noises, and pretty much doing anything he can to be a pain in the rear. I am hoping this is a phase and that it ends soon because I am so tired of it. We went to lunch today and he screamed that he wanted a kids meal like 65 times even after I told him he was not getting one. I had to get out of my seat and pop his bottom before he would stop. I hate to spank my kids and only do it as a last resort. I do not want to be the mom that is always spanking my kids and my girls hardly ever get a pop. So I am putting this question out there for other parents. Have you been through this and what did you do to survive?

Monday, August 15


I went to school today and took out a loan. Oh my they make it way to easy! Fill out this,sign this, and whammy you are indebted for the rest of your life! The girl was like I always apply for the max amount because they never give you the full amount. I am thinking what the hell at this point I am going to be paying on my education for like 50 years.

If I get the full loan I will try and cut back on work and take more time for school so I guess that it is not all bad.

Saturday, August 13

Blogger Block

I have blogger block. I have nothing important, witty, or interesting to say. I have surfed the net and read other blogs and still nothing. It amazes me I have a house full and I have a ton of things to write about and then today it is me and 2 kiddos and I am blocked.....WAAAHHH.

I start back to school on the 24th and I am taking 13 hours this semester. I am not going ot be able to cut back on my work schedule either. I will be working 35- 40 hours per week taking
A&P 2
A&P 2 Lab
Liberal Arts math
Modern American History
WooHoo back to no sleep.

I have a PTA Board Meeting on Tuesday and don't even want to go. Two of the board members are on total control freak mode and I can not stand the battle of the egos.

I think I will plant some new flowers in the yard this week. We saw some Mallow Hibiscus at the store and they were so pretty...Here is a picture of one.

Turns out I had plenty to say just needed some time to think about it. Hope you are having a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 10

My Dog

I figured since I mentioned him in another post I should at least share a picture. I have had him since he was 4 weeks old. His mother is deaf and kept sitting on her pups so we took him early to make sure he was okay. Bet you can't guess what his name is.

*hint Little Rascals

Tuesday, August 9

~~It's All About You~~

Now that you know more about me I would love to hear more about you. So for the fun task of the day you get to tell me 3 things (or more if you are so inclined) about you that I do not know. I love to read all of my regular blogs and have learned a great deal about each one of you but I am one of those people who is just plain nosy...:) So post away.

BTW... If you have any questions for me ask and I will answer them in a future post.

Saturday, August 6

~~It's All About Me~~

So my friend Indigo had this post a couple weeks ago about things you may not know about her. I am thinking to myself what a great idea. So I am borrowing the idea. Here goes...
-I have a dog( he weighs 90 pounds and thinks he can still sit in my lap)
-I have known my husband since I was in 4th grade.
-I volunteer over 500 hours per school year at my kids school
-I was the PTA President for 2 years in a row
-I am working on my pre-reqs to get into the Ultrasound school at a local community college
-I have a 3.7 GPA
-I love going to school and I love learning.
-I love to read
-I sew
-I always wait until the last possible second to put gas in the truck
-I have about 600 different lotions and perfumes and use like two all the time
-I just sent my name and # to the local animal rehab and rescue to be a volunteer
Okay I know that is way more than anyone ever wanted to know about someone who is a virtual stranger so this is where my list ends.

Thursday, August 4

~~Saying Good-Bye~~

Is the hardest part of losing someone you love. Today I had to say good-bye to my grandmother for the last time. I don't think that the full impact of her death has hit me yet but I know that today was awful. I miss her like crazy and there is nothing I can do about it. My family has gotten closer since all this started, and I am speaking to a cousin I have not spoken to in over 3 years. The service was very moving. The reverend that spoke is the reverend who has been with our family for over 40 years. He has walked side by side wih my grandmother through the many events that made up her life. He is 91 years old and blind and he did the service from his heart and memories. It was very nice to know that she had him all these years through all her trials and tribulations as well as her joys and triumphs. Thank you to everyone for all your kind words and for the many prayers.