Saturday, April 8

Ok so I lied

I thought i was back and then life got hectic. I have been to the ER with the same kid 2 times in the last 2 weeks. She broke her thumb ad now may have broken her shoulder. The first was my son's fault he slammed her finger in the door. The shoulder she was playing at school and possibly broke her shoulder.

I am working like a crazy woman. I love my job. School is going well. I am enjoying sign language and all the new friendships i am making. I picked a song for my sign language final. I will be signing Skin by Rascal Flatt. I will try and get it taped and somehow provide a link for you all to see. Anyways that is all for now because I am turning into the parking lot a circuit cit and DH wants me to put the comouter away!

Sunday, April 2

Cost of Clothes

So since I lost all this weight and I am a reasonable size I decided to go and get some new clothes.I went to the mall but it was late and they were closing so I scooted over to target. I was surprised by how many cute things they had but shocked at the prices. My goodness Izaak M you are doing as well Ralph L for a pair of pants. I found the cutest IM outfit at target but just teh pants and the jacket were 80 bucks and that is not including the shirt and the new shoes, purse, panties, and bra that I needed to complete the outfit. Oh well I am going to wait until I am completely finished losing weight before I buy anything because I don't want to waste any money.