Thursday, June 30

What was I thinking?

My friend asks if I start a Pampered Chef business will you have a party? Can I have it at your house? Yes! Okay then I will do it. Now here we are 2.5 weeks away from my party and I have no orders and noone can come to my party because they are busy. Oh Lord what have I gotten myself into? I really need a new stone but do I need it this bad?

Now my other friend is going to do PartyL*te candles and she wants me to have a party. Did she not learn from what is bound to be a Pampered Chef disaster that I am not good at this crap...

BTW if you need to order anything from Pampered Chef I can hook you up with my girls website...;)

Saturday, June 25

I hate Laundry..


Okay am I the only person in the world who can never catch up with the laundry? I just put the last load in and think to myself yeah I did it I caught up, and then here come kids 1 and 2 with a basket each from the eternal pit of dirty laundry(their room). Oh well I guess I am going to be visiting my laundry room yet again this weekend. I swear I do 17 loads of laundry a week. I keep the downy people in business.

Which leads me to the dishes. What was I thinking when I got a house with no dishwasher? According to dh we have a dish washer(me)! I do the dishes, dry my hands off and turn around and the sink is full again. Right now I can hear the sink getting full again. So off I go to do the laundry and the dishes.

Wednesday, June 22

Buffet Redneck Style

Tonight Dh and I take child #3 out to dinner because #1 and 2 are spending the night at a friends and at mammaw's houses. Anyway we go to a buffet and I notice that there were these two ladies enjoying the buffet redneck style so I figured everyone in blog world would like to see a list of redneck buffet here goes.

1. Always take your dirty purse and sit it on the counter next to the food and as close a possible to other people's plates.
2. Always take your plate back up to the buffet to get more food. (of course this is after you have licked it!)
3. Always stand at the buffet line and eat food from the buffet while you wait for what you want to come out.
4. Always lean over the next persons plate with your underarm just mere inches from the food they are about to eat.
5. Always make sure you stop at the dessert table and grab enough food(in your bare hands) to last you on the ride home.

Next time you visit a buffet just watch and see I bet people will be enjoying it redneck style.

I've Been Tagged

I have officially been tagged by Indigo you should go over and visit her. So here goes...

Total volume of music files on my computer: 1.12 GB

The last CD I bought was: Grethen Wilson It was actually given to me but I asked for it.

Last acquired: Babygirl by Sugarland

Song playing right now: None kids are watching spongebob

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
1. Grandpa The Judds
2. American Soldier Toby Keith
3. Jack and Diane John Cougar Mellencamp
4. Give Me Three Steps Lynard Skynard
5. Welcome to The Jungle Guns N Roses

Five people to whom I'm passing the baton:
I don't know who is reading this or if I even have five people to pass it on to so I will just challenge the first five people that visit to answer the questions in the comments.

Tuesday, June 21

6:00 AM Babbling

Okay so I wake up at 4:30 with that Oh shit something is wrong feeling. Get up check on kiddos, dh, and dog. All is well in Beanhead's house. I go potty, get a drink and crawl back into bed. Just as I am about to drift off to dream land Meow..... My cell phone rings. BTW what in the sam hell was I thinking when I picked that ring tone?

It is my SIL, she is freaking out, my brother sometime in the middle of the night last night decide that Monday night was a good night to ditch his family. He came home left the car key and the car and just left. WTF is that all about? How is it that his small little pea brain even remotely thinks that it is okay to leave your family. I mean come on sleep on the couch until morning and then work it out like an adult don't sneak out like some sort of snake. Man oh man I am so mad right now,not to mention tired. Anyway I have my niece coming here in like an hour cause SIL has to work and my brother is a half wit dumb ass that is on my list of people whom I hate today.

So how is your day going so far? Any drama? Anything funny? weird?

Sunday, June 19

Happy Father's Day

I really don't have a father to speak of. I had something better, I had the world greatest granddaddy! My grandfather was one of those people that everyone who knew him loved him. In June of 1992 my granddaddy lost his battle with cancer. All my life my grandfather had promised me if I did all the work to graduate high school he would be with me to celebrate me being the first woman in my family to graduate from high school. He was so sick and so brave because he did just that he hung on until his 1st grandchild graduated high school. I graduated on the 2nd and my granddaddy went home on the 4th. So my post today is about the bravest most wonderful man I have ever known. 10 things I miss about my granddaddy...
1. The way he smells.
2. The way he would encourage me to try.
3. His ability to make my grandmother smile.
4. His half smirk half smile.
5. His laugh.
6. His hand on my shoulder.
7. His twisted sense of humor(much like mine...;).)
8. The kind words he always had for everyone.
9. Being able to get and give hugs.
10. The advice that I had become so accustomed to getting.

I hope that everyone realize how special their father's and grandfather's are and gives them a call today or better yet go see them!


Saturday, June 18


Okay you have just found out you have been selected to be a contestant on Survivor. New twist you can bring three items with you and that is all you will get in the beginning at least. Now it would not be a game of Survivor if you could bring food, water, or fire so leave those off and make a list of the three items you would bring with you on Survivor.

Friday, June 17

Operation Suck Up and Other Stuff

I did okay on the exam I got a B. So here comes phase 2, make appointment with said professor to go over errors on test and to discuss how I can improve my test scores. I will get an A in this class.

Now the other stuff I have felt like crap all day so I haven't been answering my phone. When I call someone and they don't answer their phone my first thought is NOT let me just stop by and find out why. I think well they are either busy or ignoring me and I better just wait until later to talk to or see them. No I have a friend who decides today to arrive at my house with herself and her SIL and her two kids. Now mind you this girl has been my friend since 8th grade and I don't mind her stopping by.....But not with a person I have never met and her two kids. I tell her I don't feel good that is why I did not answer my phone and she proceeds to tell me well Blah Blahs out in the car do you wanna meet her? UH NO I FEEL LIKE SHIT!!! I had to tell her like 5 times that I was not feeling well before she got the hint that I wanted to be alone.

How do you feel about people who just stop by after you don't answer their phone call?

Wednesday, June 15

If Someone

says mom will you or mom can you one more time today I think I may go into nuclear meltdown. Some days I feel like all I do is do. do the laundry, do the dishes, do take kids to vbs, do walk the dog,do,do ,do.
Then my dh who has been sitting on his dairyair all day says to me what's for dinner. HUH? Did I hear him right? No he said honey let me take you to dinner since you worked so hard today. Again dh says hun what's for dinner? Now dh is out with friends for two hours and would like to eat dinner when he gets home. Imagine that! And now as I sit here and type child #2 asks What's for dinner? How hard would it have been for dh to throw the chicken and sauce in the crock pot? Not real hard but did he do it, nope instead here comes kid #3, mom can you make some dinner. I feel melt down fast approaching as I end here to go cook dinner.

Monday, June 13

Test Insomnia

Why is it that on the night before two major tests I am wide awake praying for sleep? Any other night I would open the book to study and out I would go. Tonight I am seriously considering sneaking into the living room and looking for a rerun of Sixteen Candles. Nothing like Long Duk Dong to put you to sleep...;)

I really did study for these exams. The first one is a breeze, open notes. The second I figured a little extra sucking up couldn't hurt. So I emailed the professor with some questions in the hopes that she sees this as extra effort on my part and takes it easy with her red pen come time to grade my test. I'll keep you all posted on operation suck up.

Sunday, June 12

For what it is worth...

I have spent hours dwelling on what my first blog would be, what my user name would be, and what witty and humorous things I could say as I make my entrance in to the blogging world. Well I am just so happy that I finally got a username and site address that actually works that I could care less what witty or humorous words fall out of the tips of my fingers onto the keys. My only hope is that as you read this you can sympathize with me in the fact that it took me two hours to come up with a successful name and address.

BTW... Beanhead is the nickname my kid brother has called me since he was old enough to talk. I personally don't think my head even remotely resembles a bean!My brother on the other hand still insists it does.